Bosnia and Herzegovina is recognized worldwide as a country with a long tradition and extensive experience in the automotive industry.

One of the companies that justifies this status is RACKS PRODUCTION BOSNIA d.o.o from Jajce, whose main activity is the production and sale of special transport baskets intended for the automotive industry. Enesa Đulić, the owner of the company, told that the company is currently a 100 percent exporter with a turnover of around 2.4 million KM, and which has been actively and successfully operating on the foreign market for the third year.

“The company RPB, originally founded with the idea of ​​taking over a part of painting and production of Volkswagen parts whose plants are located in Vogošća, since some things did not work out as we imagined, today the company is completely independent and operates through its now regular customers. worldwide. Our business is known precisely for transport baskets because we are one of the few companies that produces just such baskets, and without them, the transport of car bodies is unthinkable, “said Đulić.

The company also makes special tools and parts made of plastic that are used mostly in crash tests in the automotive industry.

“Our company is relatively young, but that cannot be said for the clients we work for. Since all our products are exported, we are very happy that the quality we make is recognized in large automotive companies that give us their trust. The companies we work for are Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Maserati, SMP, Bestform, TLT holding, GF + and Lear GmBh “, said Đulić.

The company’s production facilities are located in Jajce and cover about 2,000.00 m2. The company has 22 employees, as Đulić says, they invest every day in the education and training of their employees because the market constantly imposes it, especially in jobs such as the automotive industry.

They plan to expand their business by purchasing a new building-hall in a more attractive location. “Apart from buying a hall for further business development, we also intend to buy an industrial laser, and by the end of March we will have a new plasma for cutting plastic parts, which will greatly facilitate the production of certain components,” said Đulić.

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